Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Chris' Traditional Hommus

So here is the first hommus of many that I will be reviewing on this blog.
I've put the blog together due to my love of hommus. Hopefully it well help people to find the right hommus for them.

Chris' Traditional Hommus is a an easily accessible product available at most major supermarkets. It has a very smooth and creamy texture but still manages to have the strong chickpea and tahini flavour, with a hint of garlic. When I first started purchasing this hommus in bulk amounts I was living in a share house with 2 fellow vegan/vegetarians and we used to buy at least 2kg's of it each food shop. It goes perfectly with a nice dose of Tabasco sauce, or any other hot chilli alternative and a packet of water crackers or a few Turkish bread rolls.
This isn't a gourmet expensive hommus you'll find at a deli or in a boutique supermarket but is one I'd recommend.
You can buy it for around $5 per 500gm tub. This makes it a very affordable product to throw into your shopping trolley next food shop.
For availability, taste, and price I'd give Chris' Traditional Hommus 3.5 chickpeas out of 5.

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