Thursday, September 6, 2012

Willow Farm hommus

Willow Farm hommus is available at my local Woolworths, which is a good start. The packaging is nice and simple, and the plastic tub is transparent so you can see the colour of the hommus. The consistency is really good, probably a bit runnier than Chris' which I think is more like a dip. To me hommus should be slightly runny, not so much that you can't get a decent amount on a cracker or chip, but it shouldn't be firm enough to hold an outline of whatever gets dipped in it.

The hommus tastes really good, and it has a strong savoury flavour from the tahini and vinegar. I really hate any hint of sugary sweetness in my hommus, so this is great for me. The garlic is very mild, and there's not much lemon flavour in it. The vinegar is a good addition and I'll be looking out for it in other hommuses.

I enjoyed Willow Farm hommus with some water crackers and some home-pickled jalapenos, and it was really good. I enjoyed it more the more I ate. A strong challenger to Chris' as my go-to supermarket hommus. Not the best hommus in the world, but it could be the best hommus available at a national supermarket chain.

This 200g tub was about $3, which is really good value by Australian supermarket standards, but still doesn't beat the 500g Chris' tubs for value.

4 chickpeas out of 5.

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  1. Do you know if this hommus is vegan? It's available in 1kg tubs for $6 here in my town so i am keen to know. Thank you.